Oh what fun!

Well, I'm happy to report that it was a very productive December! I knit so many things, both planned and spontaneous. The only catch is that I sent off the pile of goodies without taking any pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it that they were all delightful. 😉 Now that the… Continue reading Oh what fun!


Mitten pics

Happy with these mittens! They were fun and quick to knit. Now I want to make more, in different colors, and add little details. I think these would be so fun with a hint of colorwork, or a simple cable down the backs. I'm in love with the possibilities!

Productive week

It's been a productive week for knitting. I finished three things! When does that ever happen??! The Malabrigo mittens for me A stranded hat for a friend's son that I won't have pictures of until after Christmas 🙂 A Fair Isle stranded hat for a friend's baby (also no pics until Christmas) That just about wraps… Continue reading Productive week

WIP: Malabrigo mittens

My sweet mother-in-law got me a gift certificate to one of our local yarn stores for my birthday, so I got myself some Malabrigo Worsted. Oh. My. This yarn is 100% Uruguayan merino wool, and it is luscious. I'm going to use it to make myself a hat and mitten set. Can't imagine a more perfect… Continue reading WIP: Malabrigo mittens

The sweater is done!

Pattern: Children's Neckdown Pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple (6–8 size) Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed Aran/HW in Jacquard The sweater will be a Christmas/birthday gift for my niece. It was my third time knitting this (excellent) pattern. The yarn is soft and squishy. I love the color and the tweediness of the little neps. Fun… Continue reading The sweater is done!

WIP: Another kid’s sweater update

It's really coming together now! The weather's been unseasonably sunny and amazing here, so instead of being cozied up knitting on my couch, I've been outside doing the yardwork I should have done all summer, taking the kids to the park, and getting part of the backyard tilled with my husband so that we can… Continue reading WIP: Another kid’s sweater update

WIP: Sock and other update

It's been a low-knitting week, but somehow all I've got to show you for it is a picture of the second sock of a pair I'm knitting for Stefan. I've turned the heel and finished the gusset, so now it's on toward the toe! The needles are new too. Funny story, that. I was watching… Continue reading WIP: Sock and other update

My favorite way to carry my knitting

Until a couple years ago, I never paid all that much attention to how I carried my knitting. With two kids, it seems like there's always a ton of stuff to take along. So the knitting would end up in whatever backpack, purse, or diaper bag was most convenient. Sure, it was irritating to have… Continue reading My favorite way to carry my knitting

Past knits: Kids’ Pullovers

Just a day or two before I created this blog, I finished this sweater for my oldest daughter, aka Muffin #1. I chose the yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed, a light worsted-weight). She chose the color (Papaya Heather). The pattern is the same one from Knitting Pure and Simple that I've mentioned before.… Continue reading Past knits: Kids’ Pullovers